Paulo watched his daughter at the top of the slide and knew he was in love. In love with this tiny creature, just two years old, with dark eyes and braids. A slow half smile formed on his lips and stayed there. He was quite surprised to realize he hadn’t fully loved her until now, but it was true.

It was a quiet love, quite unlike the love he had once felt for her mother. That love had been a drama, building day upon day like water behind a dam. A dam that eventually would be overtopped and breached – the release both a relief and a catastrophe. His love for this child was different. It was sustainable. He would nurture and grow this love.

Morning sunlight filtered through the trees sheltering the small park where the slide was located. A gentle breeze cooled the air. The small café near the playground provided a pleasant background hum. The hum of laughter, voices and food being served. The hum of life.

Paulo was happy. Paulo was in love.