From humble roots in upstate New York, my journey has spanned many years and miles. What I thought I knew I know no more, and the black and white of early years has softened to grey. Voices once ignored or simply unheard now speak to me daily. Voices of simple people in places all over the world, who have stories to tell, now that there’s time to listen. Simple people worthy of having stories told about them, even if they think they have none of their own. Stories that, while fiction, contain truth all the same.

Until recently a long-time resident of Austin, Texas, I enjoyed the American dream with all its joys and sorrows, but restlessly, until finally ready to embrace uncertainty. I left a lifelong career in April 2017, and since then have journeyed to several cities and countries with my wife, Barbara – a journey of both place and spirit. A journey listening to voices with stories to tell. We may someday find an earthly home that speaks to our souls.

Until then we search.